Colleen McCann, fashion stylist turned energy practitioner, has spent this lifetime appreciating all things beautiful. From the runways of Paris to the crystal caves of Chile, Colleen has always been acutely aware of the power and strength that lies in the exquisite. With a distinguished palette and a fierce eye for style, it is no wonder her journey began in the world of fashion.  Her style-centric pursuits for the last 15 years have allowed her to wear many hats including: designer, stylist, brand image consultant, business owner and always a serial entrepreneur (the first being a friendship bracelet company started at age 8).

McCann’s intense travel schedule often yielded a nomadic way of life and it was on these very journeys that she began to merge her two great loves: fashion and mysticism. Colleen’s wayfarer persona and wanderlust nature has always led her to connect with diverse styles of people and their deeply rooted spiritual traditions and rituals.  Though she cannot truly recall a moment of her life where she was not connected to the spirit world in some form, her true gifts emerged and blossomed while studying with the Q’ero peoples of Peru. It was during these pivotal moments in her metaphysical training, she realized she could use her intuition to help others in a myriad of profound ways.  As she furthered her education, Colleen continued to grow, strengthen and enhance her skill sets and now holds the esteemed title of Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, certified with The Four Winds Society and Asui Reiki.

Upon becoming more spiritually attuned, Colleen began to incorporate her healing knowledge with everyone in her space; from backstage models to strangers in an airport, it seemed as though she had become a magnet for people to seek counsel from. Colleen's link between the spiritual and physical world has allowed her to understand the needs of others, whether being the right silhouette for a body type or a proverbial torn seam in an energetic body. There is power in beauty only when beauty exudes honesty, strength, compassion and confidence. It was this very notion that catapulted McCann into merging her two passions into one unique vision.

Colleen McCann’s heartfelt dedication to bring forth the true well-being of her clients is what has made her one of the top experts in this field of work. Her approach to mysticism and spirituality is digestible, personable, non-judgmental and relatable. “Everyone has a spiritual side to them – no matter their race, religion, socio-economic status or sex,” said McCann. “My work is to help bring your best you back in alignment and open your mind and body for life’s offerings. Simply put…when you feel good, you look good and when you look good, you feel good.”

Colleen McCann, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, works within the realm of creative methods and processes utilizing color theory, body type, chakra systems, crystals, astrology, naturopathy and Feng Shui principles. Through these modalities, she can align the energetic and visual body, creating a sense of balance, wellness and fullness. She currently lives and practices bi-coastally, with residences in Los Angeles, CA and New York City.