Want to book a session?  Here's some basic session info I like everyone to be aware of beforehand.

1.  I see clients both in-person and online.  We will meet at my home in New York, NY or Venice Beach, CA.  For online sessions, we will Skype or FaceTime!  

2.  All clients must sign a confidentiality and release form prior to our session.  Your personal info is safe with me.  :)

3.  Session prices are as listed under the service requested.  Credit cards are required to hold the appointment and unless you tell me differently I will use it as the payment source after your appointment.  You can also bring cash to your appointment for payment.  Easy Peasy.

4.  I request that all my clients start off with an Intuitive Crystal Reading prior to booking any other service.  It is my policy to energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically get to know my client before any hands-on healing sessions are done.  (Some exceptions do apply.)

5.  Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours before our session.

6.  CANCELLATION POLICY:  If a client cancels within 24 hours prior to a session, they will be responsible for the full amount of the appointment, and their credit card on file will be charged.

7.  Sessions are not allowed to be recorded, but you're welcome to bring a notebook to take notes.

Ready?  Let's do it!  Click the button below to schedule your session.  Once you book, you'll receive a follow-up email with details.