AS SEEN IN VOGUE! What to expect according to Vogue Fashion News Director, Chioma Nnadi.

Nobody rocked a statement necklace or eyeliner like Cleopatra! The beauty and power of crystals, colour, silhouette, fabrics and the energy you exude have long been recognized since the times of the first lady of adornment. Colleen wants you to be able to rock your beauty in the same way. Decode the benefits of wearing the most advantageous hues, stones & symbols.

  1. Using an ‘energetic appraisal’ along with Zodiac crystals, colourstrology, astrology and numerology, a customized gemstone & Pantone palette will be designed.

  2. Low vibrational clothing will be removed from the client's wardrobe; remaining wardrobe will be delicately detoxed. The removed offerings will be donated so that we can breath new life into the closet.

  3. Recommendations on brands and silhouettes based on body type that will radiate at peak auric spectrum and align seamlessly into the cleansed closet space.

  4. The most auspicious colours, aka your personal power colour, will be identified and based on the needs of the chakra appropriate hues and crystals will be prescribed for grounding.

  5. A Chakra Cleanse, which is the “green juice detox” technique for the chakra system, will be performed after Colleen gets all the skeletons out of your closet. The Illumination Process will pinpoint which of the 7 chakras are out of balance. Colleen will then use her Haute Hands healing techniques (yes, she is a Usui Reiki practitioner too), sound healing, sage, crystals and aura sprays to help the chakra return back to a healthy place.

The closet is a conduit to what is really showing up in your life. What‘s working and what isn’t. It is a living breathing organism just like you and should be treated accordingly. Yes, Colleen will make you get rid of your ex-boyfriend jeans so be prepared. Let’s bring tranquility & balance to your energetic and visual body, as well as your wardrobe, personal space, career, relationships and meditation practices by getting rid of what no longer serves inside or out.

Please contact hello@stylerituals.com for consultation.