"Colleen is an incredible treasure with a connectedness unlike anything I have ever experienced."

We live in a world today that is often times stressful, confusing, and frustrating. This can easily lead to feelings of despair, depression, and an overall sense of hopelessness. It is in those times where I have felt the most overwhelmed with circumstances, situations, and just life in general that I have turned to seek clarity, understanding, and peace from my well-practiced and spiritually connected energy practitioner Colleen McCann.

From the moment you walk into the room to meet her, you feel the beautiful energy she exudes and you can just wrap yourself in that energy like a warm, comforting hug of pure love. Working with Colleen I have had the great pleasure of learning more about the gifts I have within me and developing those gifts. I have received gentle reminders and encouragement to continue pursuing the wisdom and higher level of personal growth and connectedness with Spirit as I walk the path that was planned with intention for me in this lifetime.

I revel in the amazing moments of realization when I am reminded and revitalized to the depths of my soul like another veil is pulled back and I can see a bit more clearly. I am awakened in my soul to a sense of love, purpose, and understanding that I have never otherwise experienced outside of Colleen’s gentle and reassuring guidance. Above and beyond all else, Colleen reminds me that we are not in this world alone. We are all connected. I look forward to working with Colleen and knowing each experience will help me move towards a place of growth, understanding, clarity, and peace. Colleen is an incredible treasure with a connectedness unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her guidance and insight is simply remarkable and inspiring. I am honored to know a woman such as this and I give thanks to her for all the work she has done on her own spirit so that she can lead countless others on the path of enlightenment.

- Shannon Radel, Founder Rising Star Travel, Nashville, TN