"A session with her is too magical to put into words."

"Colleen is a Shaman-healer of exquisite beauty and true power for guiding women to their inner depths and most authentic Self-expression. During her shamanic consultations, I literally feel showered by the outpouring wisdom she shares through her intuitive gifts.  She connects with the most outer reaches of my imagination and intuition.  A session with her is too magical to put into words.  It is something to be rather experienced: she allows a Soul-to-Soul connection and dialogue that I know only the best healers can achieve.  She holds her power well with balanced strength, caring passion, innocence and humility.  Her insightful guidance pierces through your inner truth and allows for that most authentic voice in you to be heard.  Her presence, as a charismatic woman and as a seeker in her own right, is heart felt, holding hands with you in that eternal Universal thread that knows no boundaries and encompasses all possibilities.  Each consultation I had with Colleen triggered important shifts in my path towards a more evolved and clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead.  Colleen is a true Shaman, a powerful Soul reader, a sister who carries within and emanates the Divine Feminine power we are all here to awake and experience.  Magically, though a month or more go by before my next session with her, I continue to feel her supportive presence in my journey.  I am grateful and blessed to know her."

-Consuelo Casarotto, Acupuncturist, NYC