Want to have crystals show up at your doorstep that perfectly align with the Moon, Stars & energies of each month?  Join the Crystal Covey!  This is a QUARTERLY subscription, all you have to do is sign up once and let Colleen design your seasonal collection.

You will receive...

  1. A quarterly Style Rituals pink-clad mailer containing your magic bag for the season.

  2. Each magic bag contains 3 stones that perfectly align with the season & energies of each month.

  3. One 3" mini-Sage stick or 4" Palo-Santo stick... it's a surprise which one comes to you!

  4. One Crystal Covey card that tells you the name, main healing properties of each crystal, which month it aligns with, plus some tips n' tricks for use.

  5. All items will be packed in a pink suede Style Rituals bag, so you can carry them around with you as your own purse-sized Medicine bag.

  6. All stones will be cleaned and cleared with Sage, then filled with Reiki luv from Colleen's own hot little hands and finally showered off in the moonlight.

SAGE AND PALO SANTO:  Need to hire an energetic cleaning lady?  Both items help to clear any bad vibes off stones and crystals.  You know what I like to say when cleaning my magic rocks?  "Any energy that is not mine or of my highest and greatest good get the F*** out, with love, but it's time to go."  PS. Please make sure a door or window is open when performing this cleansing ritual as we don't want any of the bad juju to get stuck in your space.

CRYSTAL COVEY:  What is Crystal Covey?  If you ever had a session with Colleen you most likely walked away with a crystal in your pocket, a shopping list of what to buy at your local metaphysical store or an ear ful on the ways crystals and stones can benefit you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Colleen thought it was time to start spreading her love of crystals by offering a Crystal-Of-The-Month Club.  The monthly stones Colleen chooses, she herself is using in her personal practice as well as with her clients.

THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE SUBSCRIPTION:  This is a quarterly subscription, so you will be charged 4 times per year.  Our first, second and third quarter bags are now sold out!  If you purchase after August 1st, please note you will receive your first bag for the 4th quarter that begins in October - say YES now and start curating your very own high-vibe crystal arsenal.  You can cancel throughout the year anytime if needed.

Total cost is $64 per magic bag (paid quarterly).

Please note:  We will ship to the address associated with your PayPal account.  Please double check that your address is current before purchasing.  If this is a gift subscription, please reach out to so we can make sure it's going to the right place.