Looking for a Mystical Mentor?!  Are you feeling stuck in your biz and want advice on taking your career to the next level through INTUITIVE BUSINESS BUILDING?  Want to stop ignoring those little voices in your head and start FLEXING YOUR INTUITIVE MUSCLE!  Need to bitch about your job?  Your boss?  Your love life?  No, really!  No topic is off-limits.

The Mentorship Program starts out as a 3-month commitment, and then you can go from there.  

You will receive...

  1. One 90-minute tune-in session at the beginning of each month.  Colleen will tune into your energy to get a read on what you need energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally.  You will chit-chat about the following:  Your goals and intentions for the work together, what you want to achieve, where you're currently at, and what you can work on for that month.  Colleen will give you mystical homework so you know what to tackle first.  Session will be in-person in LA or via Skype.

  2. After your session, Colleen will send you a personalized care package based on what you need.  This can include Tarot cards, crystals, notes of encouragement, mantras... each month will be different as you evolve and your needs change.

  3. Colleen will hold weekly office hours every Monday night from 4-8pm PST where you will have unlimited text access!  Want to rant, rave, ask questions, get advice?  Now's the time.

  4. A 90-minute mid-month phone check-in.  What have you been up to?  What's left to cover for the month?  Where do you go from here?

  5. BONUSES!  You'll get exclusive insider access to like-minded contacts and Colleen's best resources.  You will get a curated reading list based on your needs.  If you live in the LA or NY area you can attend any private events or speaking engagements Colleen has on the books as her guest.

Please email hello@stylerituals.com to claim your spot and with any questions.