Ready for a realignment in your space?  Or how about a total reset for your mind, body, spirit?!  Want to learn the tools that Colleen uses in her work and personal life to stay balanced and flow with the blessings life brings?  With this all-inclusive, personalized service, you will get Colleen in your space for a full day of private one-on-one lessons into her world.  

Using a cocktail of Shamanic Cosmology, Feng Shui & colour theory principles, Colleen will start by designing a Tidal Diamond Ba’Gua Chart of your space that enhances your own inner magnetic compass through spatial harmony and a curated collection of objects.

You will also receive an Intuitive Crystal Reading for yourself, your business, and/or your space to assess your needs and what is most present for you at this time.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your needs (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually). The origins of interest will be identified by tapping into your very own “SOUL GPS”. Utilizing crystals, tarot cards and chatting with spirit guides will bring clarity on such subjects as love, career goals, past lives, addictive behaviors & major life shifts. The outcome from the client dialogue and the reading will focus on bringing resolution & manifestation into daily practices. Colleen will also give a lesson into reading the crystals and the cards, so you finish empowered with the knowledge you need to start reading for yourself.

Colleen will also create and walk you through the process of building a sacred space.  What type of visionary are you? Discover, focus, build and manifest what is important to you & what practices you would like to bring into your life. There are a multitude of ways to build a sacred space & customize it for your personal journey & goals.

All the spiritual ‘stuff’ can be a bit overwhelming. Am I right? If you’d like to learn more about Shamanism, mediumship (aka seeing & speaking to spirits), psychic intuition, divination techniques (like tarot & tea leaves), meditation, crystals, mystical ‘how-to’s’ plus rituals & ceremonies.  Colleen has spent 11 years jumping down A LOT of mystical rabbit-holes & loves sharing THE 101 with her clients. Ask away, there is no subject off limits or ideas too out there!


1) During your one-on-one mystical bootcamp session, Colleen will have a chat with her spirit guides and utilize a crystal grid to make you and your space feel squeaky clean. Yes, and the next question is… Crystal gridding is an age-old practice that can get you out of a physical or emotional ‘traffic jam’. Geometric patterns of crystals & stones can direct energy towards a more appropriate road to lead you to your desired destination. The combinations are endless & can assist with everything from regulating sleep patterns to reigniting love into your life. Colleen will physically and energetically adorn where you work, play or relax!
*Cost of crystals will be in addition to the session.

2) We are going to pow-wow on the floor with Colleen’s tarot cards and crystals. Colleen likes to keep things simple and understandable for her clients so practical applications and palatable advice will be given based on the information acquired in the session. She always gives out sage and sometimes a little bit of mystical homework too.

3) Traditionally we think of places likes Buddhist temples, Islamic mosques, Hindu ashrams, Native American sweat lodges & Catholic Cathedrals as sacred spaces. Places that people can go to silence the mind, give thanks for what they have and get answers to their questions. Let’s bring it all to you instead. We can learn how to create a space that is all yours whether it be a home library or a garden in the backyard. It’s important to establish rituals in our life as it gives meaning, direction, and purpose. Colleen calls her sacred space an altar, but let’s find a name, personal practices, and location that suits you best.

4) You literally just have questions about ‘The Woo’! How do I use crystals? WTF is the difference between sage & palo santo? Where are my chakras? What color is my aura? Am I a healer? How do I conduct a Moon Ceremony? What’s my #CrystalRx? What am I supposed to be doing with myself ‘cause I am feeling kinda lost & outta sorts plus I think the universe is giving me signs that I don’t understand. No worries! These are Colleen’s favorite type of chit-chats. She’s been there. Done that. Now she is honored to teach others.

Please contact hello@stylerituals.com for consultation. The size of the space and the intricacies of each project will determine the length of time devoted to energetic realignment.