1. How much does a session cost?  The Intuitive Crystal Reading + Intuitive Business Building services are $250 per session.  Interested in other services listed on the site? Please reach out to to find out more.

2. How do I book a session?  All of our booking for both the Intuitive Crystal Reading + the Intuitive Business Building sessions are done through the booking widget on the site.  Click the Book Now button on the service page. Please email with any questions, but please note if you need to book, you will be asked to do so through the booking system.

3. What are Colleen's favorite things?  How sweet of you to ask! She loves spicy dark chocolate, small-batch bourbons, adventuring to far away places, a penchant for fancy accessories, and burning ex-boyfriends' clothes in a good ol' fashion Shamanic bonfire with her clients on their balconies.  Let it go baby!

4. What's Colleen's favorite crystals?  Aqua Aura Quartz, Hypersthene, Platinum Quartz, Super Seven, Moldavite & Black Moonstone!

5. What's the best way to learn about crystals and start to curate your own collection?  Why, pick up a copy of CRYSTAL RX (link) of course! The essential guide to the healing power of crystals.  And then check out our Products page (link) to start curating your collection.

6. What's Colleen's favorite color?  Hot-baby-Barbie-fluorescent pink, of course.

7. Want Colleen to take you under her wing and share her mystical knowledge with you?  Feeling stuck in your biz and looking to take it to the next level? Want to bitch about your boss, your job, your love life - or lack thereof?  Find out more about Colleen's 2019 Mentorship Program here.

8. Looking for info on gem digs, where to buy mystical tools, best crystal shops in your area?  Never underestimate the power of a good googling session :)


Want to book a session?  Here's some basic session info we like everyone to be aware of beforehand.

1.  Colleen sees clients both in-person and online.  You will meet at her studio in Venice Beach, CA or at AKA Times Square when in NY.  For online sessions, we will Skype or FaceTime!

2.  All clients must sign a confidentiality and release form prior to our session.  Your personal info is safe with me. :)

3. Credit cards are required to hold the appointment and unless you tell us differently we will use it as the payment source after your appointment.  You can also bring cash to your appointment for payment. Easy Peasy.

4.  We request that all clients start off with an Intuitive Crystal Reading prior to booking any other service.  It is Colleen’s policy to energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically get to know clients before any hands-on healing sessions are done.  (Some exceptions do apply.)

5.  Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours before our session.

6.  CANCELLATION POLICY:  If a client cancels within 24 hours prior to a session, they will be responsible for the full amount of the appointment, and their credit card on file will be charged.

7.  Private sessions are not allowed to be recorded via audio or video, but you're welcome to bring a notebook to take notes.