Crystal Rx™ is Colleen McCann’s signature event service. Just like snowflakes each event is different so Colleen is always happy to be of service in creating THE perfect blend for your clientele, co-workers, target market or BFF’s.

Due to Colleen’s past-life in the fashion world she mostly works within fashion, beauty, entertainment & wellness. She is no stranger to red carpet events, press events, product launches & social media marketing gigs . Yes, she does still carry a lint-roller & boobie tape ...she is still a stylist after all. Colleen also does private gigs like bachelorette & birthday parties.

1) One-on-one sessions. The client determines the time of each individual reading. At an event the average time is between 5-30 minutes
per guest.

2) Group sessions. Let’s gather about 3-5 people at a time. Colleen will give a mini-overview about crystals & will pick crystals that work with each clients individual energy. She will also answer any of your guests questions like:

-What crystal is best for love?

-How do I pick a crystal?

-Where do I buy crystals?

This method keeps the vibe light, fun & social. It is also a better way to accommodate large parties of people so that everyone gets a chance to get a reading & pick crystals.
PS. If you have a few uber VIP’s Colleen can come to your event early to do private 1-hour readings. Colleen see’s celebrities, influencers & people in the media so she gets ‘it’. Due to the nature of Colleen’s work she has a high level of confidentiality & discretion ;)

Please email to learn more about set-up, pricing and availability.  Colleen loves a good dress code so whether its yoga pants or red carpet event she’s in! Just let her know barefoot or stilettoed attire.