Have an area in your life you’d like a little help with? There’s a Crystal Rx for that! Tell us a little about what you are focused on improving, changing, breaking free of, & Colleen will dish up your own personal Crystal Prescription! You choose how many crystals you’d like to purchase and we’ll send along your personal Medicine Bag, complete with your pre-cleansed and pre-charged subscribed stones, a sage or palo santo to go with (it’s a surprise which one you get!), & a prescription card so you know which stones you’ve received.

Please note: Due to Mother Nature and her infinite gifts, all crystals vary in color, shape & size. All Crystal Rx purchases are final. Price includes a $5.00 shipping fee. And since Colleen is often traveling, whether teaching Shaman School or Closet-Cleansing in NY, please allow us some grace aka your bag may be curated & shipped out within 2 days… or 2 weeks, as Colleen is individually curating each bag. Just repeat after us -“I AM PATIENT” - & your medicine bag will show up before you know it! ;)