Balancing Baubles: Mixing Jewelry and Crystals to Find Harmony

The holidays are officially upon us and while we all love what comes with this time of year there is just no denying a certain level of stress that is an unfortunate side effect. Between arguments over whose family to spend time with to anxiety over gift shopping, it's important to find ways to keep yourself balanced and calm. We all can only hear Silent Night so many times before we start to get that little twitch in our eyes. 

So, in my best attempt to help bring some resolution to these holiday stressors I put together a perfect little trick to help make it to 2016 with your sanity intact! One of the easiest and most effective ways to find peace is simply through the use of crystal healing. I've mentioned the different ways crystals can help clear negative energy or help to ground us but usually these crystals are placed around ones home and they aren't available on the go.

Colleen McCann Style Ritual Crystals

With that thought in mind I found myself inspired by a long-standing jewelry trend of layering chains. By fashioning crystals on different length chains while following the guidance of the chakra system it is the perfect way to bring your crystals everywhere with you this holiday season, along with your sanity. Keep in mind while creating your crystal necklaces that you don't necessarily have to include all 7 chakras. For example, if you find you're most frustrated when no one in your family seems to ever hear what you're saying, try wearing a blue tigers eye close to your throat. The blue tigers eye will help to release the 5th chakra, your throat chakra and will assist you in speaking with clarity. 

The 7 chakras and their crystal pairings:

7th Chakra - Crown
The 7th chakra is what connects us with our spiritual self. Finding inner-peace and balance in this chakra is what will create positive thoughts. Staying positive and not letting anyone else's negativity effect us is solely connected to how our minds receive information. Help protect yourself by keeping the crown chakra healthy and balanced.
Crystal suggestions: Selenite (delivery clarity of mind by cleansing the aura of negative energy), Amethyst (assist in understanding the universe and our place in it), Diamond (promotes harmony and balance)
6th Chakra - 3rd eye
The 3rd eye, home to your intuition is exactly the tool you need ready to go while battling crowded shopping centers and will help assist in making every shopping excursion a successful one. It can be daunting having to buy for everyone and having your intuition clear will help make your life that much easier.
Crystal suggestions: Amethyst (a healing stone that offers wisdom), Moldavite (good for promoting a new perspective), Purple Fluorite (promotes intuition, mental clarity and focus) 

5th Chakra - Throat
The throat chakra is one that I am always trying to keep balanced during this time of year. This chakra is where you can find control over your emotions and how they are expressed. Many people find the interaction with their loved ones and families the most difficult aspect of the most joyous time of the year. Take back some control with personal meditation and for extra guidance, always keeping some stones around your neck
Crystal suggestions: Tigers eye (assist in speaking with clarity), Lapis lazuli (“stone of truth” restores your ability to communicate effectively), Aquamarine (offers courage and promotes tolerance), Turquoise (restores confidence)  

4th Chakra - Heart
The 4th chakra, the heart chakra might be the most important one to keep balanced during the Holiday season (you don't want to end up with a heart two sizes too small). Bringing balance to this chakra is essential because it is from here that we are able to draw love, forgiveness and self-control. 
Crystal suggestions: Rose Quartz (used to open and heal), Jade (promotes emotional and physical healing of the heart's ills), Green Calcite (helps to absorb negativity) 

3rd Chakra - Solar
This chakra has a lot of control over our moods. It is from this chakra that we are able to access humor, laughter and warmth. I personally believe that without laughter I wouldn't be able to get through any difficult times. Laughter can really spread joy and help make this time of year truly magical. When this chakra is unbalanced it can cause us to become insecure and overly sensitive to criticism. 
Crystal suggestions: Malachite (helps aid you to take action and make changes there they are needed), Citrine (has energies of good fortune and good luck), Topaz (releases tensions and induces relaxation)

2nd Chakra - Sacred
The second chakra has a direct influence over ones creativity. Allowing this chakra the opportunity to be cleansed and balanced might help you find inspiration when setting a beautiful holiday table or coming up with that perfectly delicious cookie recipe (or even help to inspire a unique gift wrap when you run out right before wrapping the last gift!) 
Crystal suggestions: Carnelian (accelerate your motivation and clarify your goals) , Moonstone (enhances one's emotional vision and freedom of expression), Coral (will incites its owner to unusual feats in search of adventure)

1st Chakra - Root
The first chakra, also known as the base chakra is ultimately about physical health and satisfying our physical needs. It is about survival and surviving the holidays can sometimes feel like an impossible task. 
Crystal suggestions: Bloodstone (purify and detoxify the body), Hematite (helps bring balance and equilibrium), Agate (meant to bring strength when in battle)

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