Clutter: A Feng Shui Nightmare

Alright, we're officially in the new year and I can already tell your new year resolutions are beginning to falter. I'm sure everyones resolutions are many of the same things; lose weight, quit smoking, be more organized. We all aspire to better ourselves in many of the same ways. Well if your resolution was to be more organized let me step in and rally you to continue on this quest. Clutter is an immediate trigger for stress and stress is incredibly harmful to both your body and soul.

Even if you are a neat person, clutter can still be having an impact on your stress levels. Maybe it's a "junk drawer" stashed away in your room or a hallway closet full of only God knows what. According to the practice of Feng Shui, where your clutter is in your room could represent certain issues you may be having and where you are blocked up spiritually. No matter how big or small your clutter stash may be it can still have an impact on your stress levels. So to better help cleanse you of your bad-cluttering habits lets take a few tips from the concept of Feng Shui.  

Front Entrance: 
This part of your home holds a great deal of significance in the practice of Feng Shui. The front door is often referred to as the mouth of Chi. It is the mouth of your energy source and therefore should be kept balanced and beautiful. Don't allow mail or garbage to block this area. Instead keep only in-season items in the entry way so that you don't allow "stale" energy to flow through your home.


Clutter in your kitchen is easy to collect and easy to ignore. Holding onto the unnecessary in your kitchen can have a direct impact on your health. Removing excess from this part of your life will leave your soul feeling refreshed. A major Feng Shui tip is to try removing all harsh chemicals from your kitchen and switch to natural ones. Having a cluster of harsh chemicals such as many brand name cleaning supplies is like bringing poison into your energy space. 



Your bedroom especially should be one of the most tranquil places in your home. This is where you rest your head at the end of the day and find a place of deep meditation. If there is a great deal of clutter in your bedroom this could be a reflection of your current state of happiness. In order to bring peace back into this room remove anything of excess such as the TV, remove clutter from under the bed and especially exercise equipment. Keep this room simple.


In search of more tips are tricks? Pick up a copy of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up the Japanese art of decluttering & organizing" by Marie Kondo. She is on the New York Time Best Seller list for a reason!