Just Finished a Psychic Reading, Now What?

You just walked out of your first palm reading, channeling of your spirit guides, or whatever your preferred reading might be and you're overwhelmed with information. Maybe some of what you heard was hard to swallow. It might’ve been made clear that a friendship you’ve been holding onto needs to come to an end. On the other hand, a lot of what you just heard was wonderful, maybe your spirit guides just informed you of an up and coming romantic relationship or the palm reader suggested you will have three children.  Trust this information, there is a reason why those connected saw these things for you in your life. However, don't let it consume you. Life can change at any moment, nothing is set in stone and you still have free will.

My best example of this is the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that many people would read as children. The basic concept of these books is at the end of a chapter you would have to make a decision, choose where you think the characters should head to next. Whatever path you chose in these books would bring you on a different adventure. Ultimately, the lesson learned here is that every decision or non-decision we make as human-beings can take us on different journeys in life. Yes, when you had your meeting with your spirit guides you were currently on path for a new romantic relationship. However, nothing is guaranteed in life. You can easily make a decision that would take you off course from this coming true.

I personally try to view my sessions with my clients more as a type of therapy than predicting the future. It is important to have these reminders in life of what could be coming your way. You need to be open to these positive things happening to you. If you are constantly negative and don't truly believe your life can follow down this sensational path then that is exactly what's going to happen, your life won't follow down that path. You need to be open to life, to love, to positivity in order to receive it. 

Daily affirmation: Stay positive and believe in yourself (might be corny but it's true!)