Stuck in a Rut: Ways to Build Good Karma

Often we hear people speak about bad karma. After someone has done something in bad taste or after a horrific break up, a friend might suggest to you in a time of consoling "not to worry because karma will take care of them". However, what we don't often talk about is good karma. Many people forget that if they set each day with the intention of doing good they can boomerang that goodness right back to themselves. (Quick tip: Your kindness needs to come from a place of purity for this to be true, not just because you want good things to come to you).

It might seem like a simple thing just being kind to others but sadly we live in a world that is all about competition and only looking out for ourselves. So if you're having a hard time even seeing where you could be more kind I've come up with a few easy tips to get you started on your trek to decency. 

1. Pay someone a compliment - Seems like a no-brainer but sometimes we forget how far a compliment can go. Making someone feel good about themselves tends to have a ripple-effect. If they feel good about themselves they will have an easier time seeing the good in others and have a desire to point it out.

2. Listen - I can almost guarantee you're not doing enough of this and truly it is harder than one might think. Instead of only listening until you get a chance speak take a minute and just truly take in what the other person is saying. Sometimes you hear but you don't truly digest the context.

3. Admit when you're wrong - Pride is the ultimate downfall of good karma. Having too much pride will never help anyone in the long run. It stops you from being able to admit that yeah you screwed up. What is important to realize is no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone is able to right their wrongs. Don't just let your mistake fade into time - deal with it head on. You'll feel much better afterwards, trust me! 

4. Good manners - Giving a pregnant woman your seat on the subway or opening a door for an elderly man, these are little things but when other people see someone doing what is "right" they are much more likely to follow suit. There's a reason why people suggest leading by example. 

Good luck and remember, be kind!