Living in a World of Color: Seeing and Reading Auras

Before I was aware of my abilities I would often be stopped on the street by people who felt compelled to comment on the color and vibrancy of my aura. Looking back on this now I have a feeling this was the universe's way of beginning to prepare me for what exactly life had in store for me. Due to this, I've always had a fascination with auras and understanding how exactly to read them. Here are a few tips and tricks I can give you to help tune into this ability. 

To begin reading auras it is always easiest to see them when the subject is set against a white or light colored background. Just like when you are coloring on a piece of paper the simpler the background the easier it will be to make out the colors. Once the backdrop is correct make sure you focus your attention around the head, neck and shoulders. Staying focused , relaxed & open to your surrondings are the key components to seeing auras, which may be challenging for some people because of the fast paced world we live in.  My best advice to settle your mind & body into a relaxed state is to take very slow, deep breaths & to do some yoga-esque stretches.  Once you find your focus you can try your hand at seeing the subjects auras.  !Remember! This practice takes practice so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything on your first try.   Once you do start tuning in to colors around the body you can give a read on what you are seeing to your auric guinea pig.  Each color says something different about the person at hand so here is a quick breakdown of what these different colors mean. 

Red - an adventurous person who is willing to try anything at least once. They are very enthusiastic people but it is very easy to set them off. They can bore easily though so you will find them bouncing from activity to activity. 

Purple - (my aura) are often those who have a psychic connection. They are tuned into emotions in a different way than any of the other aura colors. They love to learn and never stop exploring the subjects that interest them the most. 

Yellow - this is all about intellect and observation. Yellow aura people excel in careers that involve studying and teaching. They excel as scientist and inventors. 

Green - ultimate perfectionist and need to be the best. They are willing to put the time and energy into becoming the best so they are very hard workers. The perfect aura for any small business owners

Orange - thoughtful, generous and very tuned in with the emotions of those around them they are impeccable gift givers. Their biggest strength is their ability to make others feel at ease. 

Pink - all about the love, love, love. They are generous and always up for hosting an event for family and friends. They are in tune with their emotions and can be very sensitive. They make great songwriters and poets. 

Blue -  this is a very rare aura color. This people have an above-average ability to communicate with those around them. They are often described as having that "it" factor. They have the ability to motivate and inspire others.