Fashion that Matters: Introducing Matter Prints

As a girl constantly on the go I am always on the hunt for comfortable and stylish looks. Thankfully my never-ending obsession lead me to discovering Matter. Matter is a clothing line started by two friends Yvonne Suner and Ren Ho, who were driven by their idea of creating a better, more stylish world.


Their first collection is a series of fun, functional pants using artisan printed and loomed fabric. With employee's based all around the world anywhere from Amsterdam to Singapore, this brand truly has a global reach. They've been covered in major magazine's like Vogue and Conde Nast Traveler. These designers have a passion for bringing countries together to create a global community. 

The site explains where each piece is made and how it is constructed. They are committed to spending a great deal of time understanding the cultural history of a region and understanding the symbolic messages that coincide with each print (and it doesn't hurt that their clothing is absurdly comfortable!) With styles for both men and women it is the perfect gift for anyone with a cultural openness looking for their next fashion statement.