The Circle of Life: Understanding Mandalas

Circles play a very important role in the spiritual world. A circle is the shape that represents the earth, sun and moon. It is found all around us in every aspect of life and is the representation of infinite wholeness. The word mandala itself literally means circle. I often use mandala's in my healing's as a meditation tool. Often times our minds are too concerned with the difficulties that we each face day to day. Whether that is worrying about how you are going to budget your money or just the daily stressors of balancing family time with work responsibilities. While everyone's stressors vary there is one common trend among us all, we are all constantly thinking about them. Therefore, the point of meditation is to remove these stressors from our minds and allow ourselves to find our center, to become more connected with the universe around us and to take us out of our physical space, even for just a few minutes. 

Mandala's can be used by those at any skill level of meditation however, I introduce them immediately to beginners to help them reach that mental space of higher consciousness. True beginners of meditation often find themselves getting frustrated in the beginning. It is a skill to be able to slow down both the mind and body.. Therefore I use the mandala to help teach my client's how to tune out the world around them. Concentrating on your colors and just simply coloring may seem childish but it is actually quite relaxing and at least stops us from focusing visually on what is happening. Interested in trying out mandala meditation for yourself? I've included a blank mandala above, feel free to use that one or click on it and pick out a different mandala for yourself! 

Ready to try out your mandala? See below for my quick list of what each color represents:

Purple - always represents all things spiritual
Orange - represents creativity and understanding
Blue - is calming which represents inner peace and emotional healing
Red - vivacious, with high energy. This represents passion
Pink - is a representation of the feminine and love
Yellow - This is a color that represents joy, laughter and learning
Green - Is the representation of nature and physical healing