Humble Brag: Meet My Friend Katherine

Can we all stop and take a minute to recognize how completely enamored I am with the artwork on the site? The sketch work mixed with the watercolors is truly something out of my dreams. And I am fully aware that none of this would've been possible without my dear friend, Katherine Killeffer.

Katherine, or as I like to call her KillKat, is someone I have known for years. When she was fresh out of college I hired her as Brand Manager at School House, a fashion forward collegiate brand I use to co-own and was Creative Director at. It was during this time that I got to see her talents first-hand and she has gone on to work on so many other absurdly amazing projects. I mean this girl has illustrated an entire children's book to having worked on major advertising campaigns with brands like Aussie haircare and Chase bank.   

Feel free to browse through KillKat's Style Rituals process illustrations or hop over to Katherine's own site here.