You Are Now Entering a Stress Free Zone

Let me begin this post from the end, I am rejuvenated and revived. While being in this state is wonderful, it is not necessarily my norm. In my line of work a great deal of my efforts are focused on catering to the needs and emotions of my clients and as much as I truly love helping them, it can be draining. That’s why when I finally have a break in my schedule the first thing I add to the calendar is a spa day.

An element of spas that I cherish most is how they use their own version of rituals and customs. An entire culture can be created within a spa, which is what initially attracted me to Two Bunch Palms. Two Bunch Palms holds themselves to a standard that many other spas do not, with an attitude of sustainability, they are redefining the wellness space by reminding people that personal well-being and planetary health are one in the same.  Two Bunch Palms even went as far as creating a 3.5 acre solar field which will replace their electrical power needs with entirely renewable energy, making it the first resort of its kind in North America. 


Two Bunch Palms dedication to the environment isn’t its only appealing facet. Its list of services reads like a finely crafted artisanal chocolate menu. From the OxyGeneo Facial to the Cahuilla Clay Wrap (my treatment of choice), they really have anything you could possibly need to refuel yourself. I mean a woman even comes around while you are sitting poolside at the mineral waters and applies a complimentary clay mask (obviously I enjoyed mine). If you have the time, my suggestion is to get over there and check it out for yourself.