Combat Chaos with Crystals

To start let me first acknowledge the importance of technology. I mean, my iPhone is often glued to my hand like it is for so many others. I’m aware of all the benefits of technology. That if it weren’t for many of these inventions I wouldn’t have such easy access to all you. With all that being said, it is easy for us to allow technology to block us and create disruptions in our lives. Physical disruptions happen in many obvious ways, like when we’re more focused on instagramming a video from a concert we’re attending rather than actually enjoying it. I can’t stress enough to my client’s the importance of living in the moment.

However, more than just the physical blocks, technology can create an imbalance to the spiritual-self as well. Our TVs, computers, cell-phones and even microwaves give off EMF's (Electromagnetic Radiation). This is why I also stress to my client’s how imperative it is to use crystals to combat these enivronmental toxins. When it comes to combating EMF electromagnetic radiation a great source of healing and protection can be found with Shungite. Shungite has electric conductivity properties, which is how it is able to protect us from the radiation given off by technology. The most practical ways to use Shungite in our daily lives is by purchasing a cell phone case that contains Shungite or placing a piece of Shungite near a WI-FI connection. 

Other ways crystals can protect us:

  • Putting Amethyst in the corner of a room is good for absorbing negative energy
  • Agate enhances creativity and strengthens intellect, making it perfect for college student’s moving into their dorms or an artist in their studio.
  • When you’re having a difficult time sleeping Dragon Stone can be used to banish nightmares and create calmness.
  • Feeling disconnected from nature? Shaman Stone has a grounding effect that connects us with the Earth.
  • Zincite is ideal for an office space. It is very useful for promoting a group effort and bringing together those of like minds.