My Two Worlds Collide: Style With A Splash of Crystals

My first true love was and will always be - fashion. Fashion is what inspired me to venture forth from my traditional mid-west upbringing and start wandering this great big world. In many ways, without this outlet I don't know if I ever would have been connected with my spiritual self. Finding myself working in the world of high-paced creativity and design is why I started traveling and what initially introduced me to different cultures and their rituals. I have many reasons to be thankful for fashion and all the opportunities that world has created for me.

With all that being said it will be a cold day in hell before I would stop staying on the pulse of the latest runway looks. I find the creativity of those designers to influence me, not in just the way I actually dress myself, but in the colors that inspire me and what shapes I will be drawn to. It's almost a little hobby of mine, combining the latest trends with my spiritual work. That’s why when I was flicking through some of my favorite designers Resort 2016' collections I was quick to notice my new favorite accessory trend. 

ROPE BELTS! From quirky Lavin, to sophisticated Roland Mouret to minimal Rodebjer they all had this one amazing accessory in common. The best thing about the rope belt is how it can take something plain and really add an element of fun or elegance. But my absolute favorite part about rope belts is how easily you can add crystals to them for a simple way to include a fashionable level of protection to any wardrobe. Traditionally in the practices of the Mexican Curanderas they wear wide red belts around their waist , or 2nd Chakra area ,for spiritual protection. This practice goes back thousands of years, perhaps the fashion industry was taking inspiration from ancient medicine women for this trend.