Intro to Palm Reading - A Quick Guide For the Endlessly Curious

Recently, as I was strolling the streets of Manhattan, I started to notice a different sign for Palm Readings every two or three blocks. They ranged in prices anywhere from $5 to $25 but the more signs I passed the more that palm reading, also known as Palmistry, was on my mind. The main reason I really love this practice is because it's almost a comfortable gateway into the spiritual world. Many people, understandably, are a bit uneasy when it comes to mediums or spiritual healers, often for differing reason but uneasy nonetheless. Palm reading however has lightness to it that people find entertaining. I've seen palm readers everywhere from the boardwalks of NJ beaches to the homes of housewives hosting dinner parties. 

So in honor of this age-old practice I thought I would give a little basic lesson on palm reading to give you guys a little glimpse into the world of Palmistry. It is important to note that since this is an ancient practice there are many differing interpretations or practices and from my experience with mystical rituals, often there is no one right way.  

Each Hand:
- Many believe that the left hand represents an individuals potential while the right hand represents what was done with that potential. 
- The very shape of our hand actually has a lot to do with palm reading as well. There are four different shaped hands represented by the 4 elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire (Note: your hand may represent a different element than your Astrological sign).

  • Earth - Both the fingers and the palm are square and the length of each are about equal
  • Wind - Square or rectangular palms but long fingers. The thumbs would sit low and the knuckles are prominent
  • Water - The palm is short and oval, often wider than it is long with long fingers. 
  • Fire - Square or rectangular palms but shorter fingers and the hands are often flushed 

Each Line:
- The lines on your hands have four major readings: The heart line, the head line, the line of fate and the life line. 

  • Heart Line- Your heart line can tell you many different things. It can tell you if you are satisfied or selfish or even disinterested in love. It can show you if you are the type of person whose heart breaks easily or if you are more practical in love. 
  • Head Line - This is the line that shows your type or level of intellect. It can express if you are a more creative person who loves spontaneity or one that desires a life of structure. It can show if you are a more spaced out thinker, a focused thinker, or a realist. 
  • Fate Line - This is my favorite line, the line that comes with the most mystery. The fate line can show the future. Many people do not have fate lines at all and this could be that they are not as strongly controlled by destiny. Destiny has a funny way of working itself out, often people are not open and unable to let it take its course.  
  • Life Line - This line tells you a lot about your personality and events that will happen in your lifetime. Your life line can show the reader if you are a person with high or low energy. If you are a strong and happy-go-lucky person or if you are guarded and more cautious. It may even be able to show if you are going to have a life-altering event (though contrary to popular belief the length of this line does not show if you will die young!)

There are many different aspects of your palms that can be read, from your fingers down to your wrists. This is just the jumping off point for Palmistry but a fun little insight into a world that seems to always be around us but often goes unnoticed.