This is Shamanism 101! The classes will focus on the teachings of the Peruvian Q’ero Inca Shamans along with Nordic, Chinese and Mexican Shamanic traditions interwoven into the curriculum. If you are interested in learning about Shamanism for self-healing or want to become a Shamanic Practitioner than this is a perfect place to start. You will learn ancient wisdom traditions and practical ways to incorporate these teachings into your daily life by combining psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, cultural anthropology, mysticism and a bit of alchemy. Increased self-awareness will be achieved by studying ‘The Four Directions’: North, South, East, West. Each direction focuses on a different area of the human psyche and relevant healing techniques. There will also be ceremonial fires, despachos, rites of passage and the opportunity to start cultivating a medicine bag.

Shamans are found all over the world traditionally serving in tribal cultures as the healer, seer, and visionary for the group. This person can walk between the worlds of spirit and matter on behalf of anyone seeking guidance and healing. There has been a resurgence in modern society to seek out these ancient healing methods (because it works!). We are seeing neo-Shamans use their knowledge and skills in a palatable way that serves our societies current needs. Stepping up as a Shaman in your community means you agree to become a Pampamesayok or “earth keeper”. As a Pampamesayok you are willing to take on caring for the land and its inhabitants to the best of your ability with your own unique gifts and skillset. In each of the four directional classes, different aspects of the 4 human needs or dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) will be examined as well as the archetypes that govern each area of the human psyche.

  1. SOUTH is the serpent. Symbolizing basic human needs, healing, sexuality, union, passion, & kundalini energy.

  2. WEST is the jaguar. Symbolizing life and death, transformation, chaos and order, emotions and protection.

  3. NORTH is the hummingbird. Symbolizing intuition, higher self, evolution, personal path, courage, and determination.

  4. EAST is the eagle/condor. Symbolizing the rising above our current circumstances, being a visionary, big picture thinking, clarity and our connection with all that is.


  • Health care professionals that are looking to add a new skill set to their current practice: psychologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurses, hospice workers, mediators, counselors, yoga teachers and Reiki practitioners

  • People in community leadership roles: executives, public relations and marketing directors, ministers, human resource consultants and motivational speakers

  • Left-brain thinkers, like scientists and engineers, that are curious how energy healing works as their linear minds just can’t wrap their head around it.

  • Right-brain thinkers, like designers and musicians, that are looking for a way to tap into their intuition and channel their creativity in a desired medium.

  • Individuals that want to get to know themselves better, attain elevated communication skills, a fulfilling job, better relationships and increased monetary abundance…that’s everybody right?

Colleen McCann and Stephen Feely are both practicing Shamans, Usui Reiki Practitioners, and graduates of The Four Winds Light Body School of Shamanic Medicine. They are both humbled and in deep gratitude to have the permission of Dr. Alberto Villodo and The Four Winds to pass on what they have learned to others. Colleen comes from the world of beauty and fashion and Stephen is a biodynamic organic farmer and environmental educator. The duo decided they wanted to create Allyu’s (which means tribe & is pronounced I-YOU) in their perspective cities. It was important that classes are a subway ride away and that the students would meet other like minded individuals that were in their own back yard. Normally, these types of trainings are held in beautiful remote locations where there’s no cell reception or at retreat centers where you can only eat vegetables. They felt it important that the modern day urban neo-Shaman needed quick access to class, to stay on the grid and to eat hamburgers at lunch if they so desire.

For over 40 years, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and The Four Winds Society Institute for Energy Medicine has been dedicated to preserving and teaching these shamanic wisdom traditions. More than 10,000 students have been expertly trained through their Light Body School in the practice of Shamanism and Energy Medicine. As a psychologist and medical anthropologist, Alberto has studied directly with Amazon and Andean shamans for over 40 years, learning and personally growing with these healing practices of the ancient Americas. Learn more at

The best way Colleen could encourage anyone to go to Shaman School is to speak from personal experience. She hadn’t been feeling herself and decided to go for some unconventional counseling as traditional therapy just wasn’t working. Sooooooo…Colleen found herself in a psychics office in NYC. Top things on her agenda to discuss were feeling unfulfilled in her personal relationships, career passions feeling extinguished, a bit of anxiety and oh yeah she started hearing voices and seeing apparitions in her bedroom at night. She knocked on the psychics door and didn’t even get a word in before the psychic said, “Oh honey you’re not crazy, you’re psychic.” This was not what she was expecting to hear. The psychic gave Colleen the best advice she had ever received, “You will be a healer (!!!) but make sure to heal yourself before you heal others.” What did that mean? Spiritual mentors appeared in her life and she attended The Four Winds to gain additional clarity on what this whole healing thing was about. Little did she know she would be working on herself while learning energy medicine techniques with the foremost teachers in Shamanic studies. She gained clarity on what she wanted out of life, traveled around the world, met some kindred spirits in class, learned how to practice ethical healing, spent many hours focusing on aspects of herself that were out of alignment and got this whole seeing ghosts business under control. (Truth be told there were some tears and a few long nights in the desert, but totally worth it). Simply put Shamanic principles helped her get her S*** together. Colleen got the personal healing she needed and is honoured to help others find what they are looking for out of life.

New York, New York OR Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a tough choice…big city skylines and worlds best pizza OR down home music and some serious BBQ.


  • 4 classes total over the course of 1 year

  • Each class is 4 days (Always over a long weekend!)

  • We learn and play about 8 hours a day

  • Classes must be taken in order: 1. South 2. West 3. North 4. East

SOUTH: September 13th-16th, 2019
WEST: November 15th-18th, 2019
NORTH: February 7th-10th, 2020
EAST: June 26th-29th, 2020



  • Each class costs $795.00, totaling $3,180.00. Payment can be made per class.

  • Pay in advance for all 4 classes and save $400.00. A total one time payment of $2,780.00.

  • Meals, transportation and are lodging NOT included.



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